Creeping Charlie Hard Rock Band

Milwaukee Wisconsin based hard rock band. Their first release 13 Below featued 10 songs that were a blend of melodic rock to hard rock bordering on metal. Star Wars must have been an influence for the song Buzz Bomb as the song begins you here, "Stay On Target, Stay On Target" voiced by the base player Joe Linari.

Creeping Charlie is in rotation on our Rock and Hard Rock Radio Stations. You can request and support the band by just requesting to hear their songs. Creeping Charlie is an Indie Band who produced their CD 13 Belwo at Rainbow Recording Studio in Mequon, WI. Rainbow Recording Studio was created in the mid 70s by a member of the rock band The Skunks. The Skunks member and Rainbow Recording Studio Owner Paul Edwards was a friend of Creeping Charlies Manager John Hall who in 1969 started what is not a 50 year tradition in Milwaukee, Summerfest.